Crop Insurance

Progressive Ag Systems is the insurance agency division of Progressive Ag. Progressive Ag entered the crop insurance industry in 2000, becoming one the first companies to offer a total risk management approach to production agriculture. Besides writing federal crop insurance and crop hail insurance, Progressive Ag Systems has recently branched out and also writes insurance for livestock and weather. Since 2000 Progressive Ag has aligned with a group of highly qualified agents based throughout North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Please see the agent map for more detail on where our agents are located.

Progressive Ag Systems has a very highly qualified staff, who are also licensed agents, with a combined 40-plus years experience in the crop insurance industry. Our highly qualified staff submits over 30 written agreements every year, proving their experience in obtaining coverage for specialty crops and unusual situations.

2017 Information

Final Plant Date Maps 2017

RMA released the Final Plant Date Maps for 2017 that can be found in this link by crop and state.

County T-Yields

County T- Yields were revised in 2017 for barley, canola, corn, grain sorghum, green peas, mustard, safflower, silage sorghum, sunflowers, and sweetcorn.  Click on the link to access your state and crop for a listing of the county t-yield changes.

Premium Rate Changes

 RMA re-rated the premiums for barley, canola, corn, grain sorghum, soybeans, sunflowers, and wheat.  Please view the Premium Rate Changes on this link.


Margin Protection


Yield Exclusion